Packages and Pricing

Entry Fees:

$15: field fee to enter, which includes all-day compressed air. 

$15: Airsoft entrance fee (During the week- Only, min amount of players required).


Individual walk on Rental packages:

Silver: $35 includes entrance, paintball marker and 100 paintballs(pb)
Gold: $45 entrance, paintball marker(BT-4 or Tippmann 98), mask, all day air, and 500pb (add $14.95 if you want a brand new anti-fog mask to keep)

Gold+: $80 (best deal) entrance, paintball marker(BT-4 or Tippmann 98), anit-fog mask(your's to keep), all day air, 1000pb, pod pack belt(rental), neck guard(yours to keep), camouflage overalls(yours to keep), and tactiful chest protector(rental)(Gold+ is a $100 value)

Private Referee: $100 Minimum of (

If you would like to upgrade your rental marker to a high end paintball gun ( Ego w/ dye rotor) you can either call ahead to reserve one or if one is available rent it on the spot.

All day 35.00


Active duty military and College students get a 10% discount with Id.

 Paintballs: Field Paint only

100 Paintballs - $5.00
500 Paintballs - $17.00

We use only high grade paint, that hurts less, and is more accurate. So that you have the best time ever, playing paintball.

Concession Stand now open: Enjoy Hot Dogs, Chicken Tenders,  Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Pizza Hut Pizza whole or by the slice. French Fries, Jalapeno Poppers, Nachos and Cheese, Chips, Funnel Cakes, Fried Oreos, Cookies, Snacks, Drinks, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and more!

Having a Birthday Party or special gathering? Now offering Jumbo Gourmet Cupcakes- Choose vanilla or chocolate cake with choice of homemade icing: Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Butter Cream, or Vanilla Buttercream Icing. Cost 2.50 ea. Pick up at concession stand.

You must Pre Order 3 days in advance.   410-287-5227



Group / Party Packages: Covers up to 10 players, additional players can be added. Party Packages: ALL packages cover 10 players. You can add additional players at the same discounted price.       For example:  Silver $20.00, Gold $30.00, Unlimited $35.00,  Birthday $47.50, Safety+ $60.00.

Please note: Reservations are required for all parties, Each party is given a 30 min window for arrival. If your party arrives more than 30 min late, we reserve the right to refuse service and you forfeit your deposit.

Discounts: If you schedule 18 or more players the party planner will play for free. If you schedule more then 25 players the party planner plays for free and gets a free upgrade gun ( ego). 

Gold Package: $300.00 each player gets (entrance, paintball marker(BT-4 or Tippmann 98), mask, all day air, and 500pb) add $14.95 if you want a brand new anti-fog mask to keep. Includes Private Referee
Deposit amount: $100

Unlimited Paint Package: 350.00 each player gets (entrance, paintball marker (BT-4 or Tippmann 98), mask, all day air, unlimited paintballs, 2 hr time limit) Includes Private Referee, You may only use our rental markers.
Deposit amount: $100

Birthday Package: $475.00 (birthday person) gets their own BT-4 M-16 or Tippman 98 Paintballgun, mask, hopper, Paint grenade, Smoke grenade and HPA tank to keep.  (Everyone else)entrance, rental paintball marker(BT-4 or Tippmann 98), mask, all day air, and 500pb. Includes Private Referee (add $14.95 if you want a brand new anti fog mask to keep) every player will receive a free return pass.
Deposit amount: $150 

Safety+ Package: $600.00 ,Each person gets neck guard (yours to keep), anit-fog mask (yours to keep),(500 High grade paintballs, entrance, rental paintball marker (BT-4 or Tippmann 98), tactful chest protector (rental), all day air, pod pack belt(rental), camouflage overalls(yours to keep),  Includes Private Referee
Deposit amount: $150

Military: Active Duty military plays for free every Friday. _________________________________________________________ 

YOUTH PACKAGE: For ages 6-10 but great for any age.(Covers up to 10 players, unlimited paintballs, mandatory chest protector, pump spring-action shotgun, mask for kids, )

Options are:

300.00 for a 2hr time limit or 200.00 for 1hr youth package. Additional players can be added.

Includes Private Referee 
Deposit amount: $100


Special Package: Available for all youth group organizations, please call for pricing. organization id required.

Prices above do not include tips. If your ref does a good job, please show your appreciation by tipping your ref.


Party Packages: ALL packages cover 10 players. You can add additional players for the same discount price: Silver $20.00, Gold $30.00, Unlimited $35.00,

Birthday $47.50, Safety+ $60.00, Warrior $199.0,

Unlimited Party Package has to use our rental guns.

Must be booked atleast one week in advance.

If you are any more than one hour past your scheduled time for your party/reservation time we reserve the right to have you reschedule AND forfiet your deposit.

 PLease note: Reservations are required for all parties, Each party is given a 30 min window for arrival. If your party arrives more than 30 min late we reserve the right to refuse service and you forfeit your deposit.

Corporate Team Building: $4,500
(add $3000 for weekend days)

-Includes our entire facility w/ concession stand for the whole day (facility can accommodate 250-300 people)

-Covers 100 players w/ 2 hour limit and unlimited paintballs

-Includes ALL necessary equipment to play paintball

-Will include THREE private referees/staff to cater to the
players and your event for the day

- You will have 4 covered pavilion's to seat 150 people with enough picnic tables to seat an additional 150 people along with 3 charcoal grills for the option to grill your own food


Please call 410-287-5227 and ask for Austin or Charles for more information and to schedule a corporate event  

Cancellation / Rescheduling policy: We are open rain or shine. If you cancel 7 days before your scheduled day of play you can receive a full refund. If you cancel within 7 days, there are no refunds but you have 1 year to reschedule at no additional cost. If you cancel the day of your party there is a $50 rescheduling fee. If you are a no show, then you loose 100% of your deposit.


 Party Gifts: Give your guest the best party favors ever. Party gift includes a mask and paint grenade and only cost 19.00$ per person. This is a 27.00 value.

PRIVATE PARTY PAVILLIONS: private covered party areas include picnic tables and charcoal grills.

Small Pavillions  (will seat 15-20 )         cost 50.00$  Open

Medium Pavillions   (will seat 25-50)      cost 75.00$  Open

  Pit beef catering available upon request. Call 410-287-5227 for information on pricing and scheduling.

Call 410-287-5227to reserve your party, availble most every day for parties. No party is too big. North East Adventure Paintball Field is available for Corporate events, Birthday parties, Bachelor parties, Team building, Youth outings, Tactical training excersises, and Family and Friend Get togethers.

What to wear: When playing paintball it is best to wear loose clothing, layers always help. The paint that we use in ECO friendly and does not contain oil, but it is still a good idea to wear play clothing. Some players wear hats to keep paint out of their hair. You may also want to wear gloves to protect your hands. Good  shoes with some traction, help with running and dodging your opponents. Some people prefer to wear padded chest protectors, that are avaialbe for rent at our field, although most people do not wear them.

Getting shot: People often ask what if feels like to be shot by a paint ball. It has been described, like getting shot by a rubber- band, but at close range can hurt and leave a mark and feel more like a bee sting. Of course it depends on how sensitive you are and how well your dressed. We have no bunkering rules, which requires players to surrender when they are within 20' of another player, we do are absolute best to enforce this rule. All privately owned guns must be crono graphed to 280fps or less. At our field we are Field Paint only, which means that you are only allowed to shoot our paint, which is a higher grade field protected paint, that breaks with less force than cheap paint. Which means less pain and more fun.

How to Play: Basically you are devided into two teams, and you start at oppisite sides of the field. A ref will signal the start of the game. You start shooting at each other, and you are considered out when a paintball hits you and breaks on you or your equipment. Once you are hit, you go to your dead box and wait to the end of the game. The referee will signal end of game.

Types of Play: The most popular type of play is elimination. You keep shooting at each other until all players from a team are eliminated. Next most popular is Respawn: similar to elimination except, after you have been in the dead box for 30 sec. you start playing again. We have alot of different typs of play and your ref will be happy to explain them all: Defender, Alamo, Sharpshooter, Capture the flag, Mil sims missions and more.


Miscellaneous supplies, and guns are available at our field.