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John Deere 4x4 UTV Tours

Please call for reservations. 410-287-5227  

Experience the great woods of the North East on the historic 220 acre Kingsley estate, dating prior to 1715. Home to one of the landings of Capt John Smith in 1609. The Location of the States first Iron Works, and the former plantation of George Read (Signer of our Declaraton of Independence). Also includes the site of the 16th state registered historical indian camp (from the archic period).


  •  Junior Tour -  $24.95 for (3) 4 minute laps around our Junior off road course. + $4.95 for a second rider
    • The junior tour is perfect for those new to UTV riding or younger riders. This tour offers two routes, one of which is for beginners- blue loop, and the second is for those who want more adventure- red loop. Each choice still provides the scenic views, the only difference is the difficulty. 




  • Adventure Tour -  $39.95 for (1) 15 min lap around our Sr. off road course. + $9.95 for a second rider
    • Was the junior tour not enough? Then the senior tour is the perfect tour for you! This guided tour allows for each driver and passenger to live on the edge of nature. The tour covers hills, wooded trails, and mazes that each driver must be able to get through. If you're wanting more adventure, then this is for you!  Second laps are available for 1/2 price. 

  Coming soon "the discovery tour" Visit all the highlights this unique propety has to offer. Tour will take approx 1.5 hours and stop at senic spots to explore. Keep checking back for the availbility of this tour. 


All drivers must meet the qualifications. Drivers and passengers must both fill out a liability waiver.

Both tours are taken using John Deere 4x4 UTV's.