Safety Rules

northeast-adventure-paintball-shooter2Please read the rules and make sure everyone in your group is aware. Our goal is to keep every visitor safe and to this we must strictly enforce the following.

- All Players while on the field must keep face mask down, no exceptions.

-When off of the field you must have a barrel cover over the end of your barrel and gun on safe.

-No blind firing, (you must be looking at what you are shooting at).

-No Bunkering, You are not allowed to shoot anyone that is closer that 20' or a bunkers distance away. If you come up on someone and your are closer then 20' or a bunkers distance away, You must tell them to surrender.

-Absolutely No shooting over the net

-All markers must be chrono graphed to shoot less than 280fps.(our refs can help you with adjusting your marker).

-No climbing on obsticals or bunkers

-No faul language


Players are given a briefing, maybe a warning, then eviction.