Airsoft is a great activity that is similar to Paintball. You are using an airsoft marker to shot a plastic airsoft BB's at your oponents or targets. Airsoft feels similar to paintball, and has some sting associated with getting hit. The upside to airsoft is t no mess like in paintball, and the guns are more realistic. The down side is that people can argue that they were never hit, because there are no marks like you wouild get if you were hit by a ball of paint. Airsoft bb's are light and can be more influenced by wind and air resisitance. Currently we have 2 fields that you can play airsoft on. Coming soon we will have new fields on our 200+ acres. 

If you would like to play airsoft at our field, you will need your own equipment ( gun or marker). We have mask and BB's available at our facility. We ask that you try to have at least 4 or more players in your group.

Cost to play - 15 $ for entrance fee. 

Mask rental - 5 $

Chest protector rental - 5$

In our store we offer new mask, BB's, Green Gas, Airsoft guns and accessories, CHest protectors, smoke grenades and more. 


Please call ahead for reservations.